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Introducing Clodo – Your Gateway to a World Beyond Screens. Our motto, "See the world, not the screen," encapsulates our mission to help you break free from the digital chains of social media addiction. In a world where the average person spends an alarming portion of their day glued to their phone, Clodo offers a unique and interactive solution to cultivate healthier digital habits and embrace the beauty of the world around you.

Unlock Life, Not Just Your Phone Forget the conventional app blockers that demand sheer willpower to stay off social media. Clodo innovates the space by requiring you to take a picture of something outside your room—be it a stove, a plant, or the sky—to unlock your social media apps for a set time. This feature encourages physical movement and interaction with your immediate environment, reinforcing our belief in the importance of experiencing the real world.

Testimonials That Speak Volumes

"Clodo transformed my daily routine, encouraging me to explore and appreciate my surroundings, cutting down my screen time by half." –Software Engineer at Affirm

Thanks to Clodo, I'm rediscovering parts of my home and neighborhood I've overlooked for years." – Student at Parsons

"Clodo's unique unlocking feature has made me more mindful of my screen usage, significantly improving my focus and productivity." – Analyst at McKinsey

Benefits of Clodo:

88% of Clodo users report a significant decrease in daily screen time. 91% experience heightened awareness and appreciation of their surroundings. 85% say Clodo has markedly improved their productivity by reducing distractions. 87% of users feel an improvement in mental health due to reduced screen time. 92% discover new aspects of their environment weekly, fostering curiosity and exploration. Features That Define Clodo:

App and Site Blocker: Use Clodo to set boundaries around your digital life. Block access to social media, streaming services, and even email to ensure you're not just swapping one screen for another. With Clodo, you can customize which apps and websites are restricted, allowing you to focus on the world around you.

Screen Time Management: Clodo allows you to track and limit your daily screen time. By setting specific off times, you can organize your day to include more quality, real-world interactions, ensuring that your digital habits don't overrun your life.

Strict Mode: To help improve your self-control and ensure you stick to your digital wellness goals, Clodo's Strict Mode locks your settings, preventing you from bypassing the restrictions you've set for yourself. This feature is key to maintaining productivity and focus.

Photo Unlock : One of the biggest distractions from achieving a focused, productive state is that we are often glued to our bed, or our couch. Clodo allows you to fight those dirty habits by forcing you to get out of your bed/couch and take a photo of something outside your room, such as a stove, or a microwave.

Clodo is more than just an app blocker; it's a lifestyle change. By encouraging you to take pictures of the world around you as a way to unlock your digital life, Clodo invites you to engage more deeply with your environment, fostering a sense of exploration and mindfulness.

Your Personal Exploration Journey With Clodo, you can add or remove any app that distracts you, including but not limited to: Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok YouTube Netflix WhatsApp Snapchat LinkedIn And many more, encompassing categories like social media, streaming, news, and dating apps.

Privacy and Security You Can Trust At Clodo, we prioritize your privacy. Utilizing robust security measures, we ensure your data and personal moments are protected, allowing you to explore and share with confidence.

Join the Clodo Community Be part of a growing movement that chooses to live beyond the confines of a screen. Discover, share, and celebrate the beauty of the real world with Clodo – your partner in forging a healthier, more mindful digital life.

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